that was the best pun ever excuse you

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I know this is long, but I needed to share it.

Many of you may know or have heard of “the hanky code,” a device first used in the 70s by gay men to denote their sexual proclivities by placing a specific colored handkerchief in either the back left or right pocket.

Brace yourselves, because the code is back. But with a twist. As Justin Sayre, speaking on behalf of the board of The International Order of Sodomites, points out, instead of your preferred brand of ‘kink,’ “this time [the hanky code will be] used to talk about your damage.” Some examples? Grey means boring, yellow marks a commitment-phobe, cobalt blue signifies emotionally withholding, whereas pink will now stand for ingrained homophobia (“These are the guys that refer to you on Grindr as ‘man’ or ‘dude’ when you would prefer, ‘Her ladyship’”). Teal denotes a problem with collectibles meanwhile olive means you hate the Golden Girls (they tried to pick the ugliest color). As helpful as this new code may be, the important thing is to stay humble and self-aware:

“We ask you all to be kind when assigning colors to other people because, remember, you’ll be wearing them too. So before you start passing out the emotional unavailable and the mustard color hankies, take a look behind yourself and take a look at that amazing technicolor dreamcoat.”

This is a good friend of mine! Good to see he is getting recognition.


Yeah someone just tried to hack my facebook… 


How do I poop on them?

what the hell am i going to do for my theatre capstone?

Anonimo asked:
Can I ask you a dirty thing?

Yes you may!



so this is a thing

a bunch of moms are making letters+audio recordings of affirming, validating letters to queer/trans* people who don’t get that kind of support from their moms

i would say more about it but

im kind of busy in this puddle of tears on the floor so

In case any of my followers don’t have this kind of support from home…

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibit at the Met Museum.

I saw this, bought the exhibit book, and still love the hell out of it

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sometimes I forget gay marriage is illegal because, like, wow that’s so fucking dumb 

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Putting this below the cut because it’s gonna get rant-y up in here. 

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'Girl picking up girls'

everyone needs to watch this!

This is great.



a ravenclaw inventing a spell like “ive enchanted this quill so that one dip in an inkwell and it will be able to draw from that inkwell until its out! no redipping!” and their muggle born friend just

"a… literally just used magic to make a pen" 

And then the muggleborn gives them a normal pen and they’re just like “how does it workOH MY MERLIN IT CLICKS” and they just spend the whole class clicking their pen